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9-1-1 Rural Addressing

Gaines County
Seminole, TX 79360

Addressing Coordinator
Tommy Gonzales


What is a 9-1-1 address?
A 9-1-1 address is the "physical" address of your structure. When you dial 9-1-1 from a "land" phone in an emergency, this is the location information that is available to a dispatcher.

Why do I need a 9-1-1 address?
When a dispatcher receives a 9-1-1 call, they need to be able to locate the caller. The dispatcher guides emergency responders to the location. In the case of "land" phones, a 9-1-1 address should be tied to it so that the dispatcher can see it automatically. This is especially important if the caller is unable to speak or unaware of the 9-1-1 address.

How should I display my 9-1-1 address?
Seconds count when emergency responders are trying to locate an address. Please follow the guidelines of the "How to display address numbers" you received with your address form to make sure your 9-1-1 address is displayed properly. Directions can also be viewed in .pdf format below.

How do I get a 9-1-1 address?
A 9-1-1 address is assigned when a structure is being built or moved onto a location, such as a mobile home or portable building. A "9-1-1 Rural Address Application" must be submitted before an address can be assigned. The application can be obtained & submitted at the Gaines County Law Enforcement Center * 305 E AVE A * Seminole, Texas 79360 * (432) 758-4023 * 8AM-5PM M-F. The application is also available in .pdf format by clicking the link below.

Gaines County 9-1-1 Rural Addressing Application

How to display your 9-1-1 Address